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Redactor editor for RefineryCMS 3 and above.
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Redactor editor for Refinery CMS

This gem replaces Refinery's default WYMeditor with Redactor: a super clean and simple HTML5-based text editor. It's compatible with Refinery CMS 3.0 and above (previous to this, WYMeditor was much more tightly bound to the core project and difficult to replace).

Screenshot of Refinery Redactor in action!

Installing Redactor

This gem does not include Redactor for you. This is because it is against the terms of Redactor's license agreement to distribute the source code of Redactor in an open source project without purchasing a $499 OEM license. Instead, we provide as much support as possible to set up Redactor.

We generate two files - a stylesheet and a javascript - in your javascript and stylesheet asset directories (app/assets/stylesheets and app/assets/javascripts). These files just warn you that Redactor isn't installed. If you see these warnings, you will need to go to the Redactor website and buy a license (obviously, this step is not necessary if you already hold a license). You will then be able to download the source of Redactor that includes two key files - redactor.js and redactor.css. All you need to do to install Redactor is to copy-and-paste these files so that they overwrite their respective placeholders that were generated when installing this extension - e.g. the files should be placed in:

  • app/assets/javascripts/refinery-redactor/redactor.js
  • app/assets/stylesheets/refinery-redactor/redactor.css

Once these files are in place this extension will automatically pick them up and use them. Additionally, Redactor will be set up to support file and image uploading to Refinery.


An application set up with Refinery CMS 3 or higher. For help getting that set up, check out Refinery's Getting Started guide.

Note that Refinery CMS 3.0 is not yet released as a gem - installation is required from GitHub.


Just add this gem to your application's Gemfile, replacing the refinerycms-wymeditor gem that was inserted by the setup process for Refinery CMS itself:

- gem 'refinerycms-wymeditor'
+ gem 'refinerycms-redactor'

You can then follow the usual process for adding a Refinery extension, that is:

  • Run bundle install
  • Run the extension generator: rails generate refinery:redactor


When you run the extension generator, a config file is placed in your application's assets directory (app/assets/javascripts/refinery-redactor/config.js). This file contains tonnes of Redactor settings that you can use to customize the Redactor editor to your needs - for example, you can control which buttons are shown, add or remove plugins, and much more.

The config that is generated for you is exactly the same as the Redactor system defaults. If you wish to slim down this file, you can remove config settings that you haven't customized and everything will work exactly the same.

This gem comes bundled with a number of useful plugins which you can enable in your config if you wish:

  • fontsize (adjust font size)
  • fontcolor (adjust font colour)
  • fontfamily (adjust font family)
  • fullscreen (edit in fullscreen view)
  • clips (insert pre-written bits of content)

If you don't want to customise the editor, you can remove the refinery-redactor directory and the default system will be used.


Contributing is very easy - simply clone the project, and run the tests with the rake spec command. If you wish, you can run rake -T to see a list of rake tasks that Refinery CMS provides for (re)generating a dummy app for the tests to run against. Once your change has been made and the tests are green, submit a pull request!


This gem is published under an MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE for details

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