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TOTP authenticator written in Kotlin

This small lib is highly inspired by GoogleAuth. It implements the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 6238. It introduces additional abstractions that are intended to provided extension points for other implementations/providers of TOTP.

Using the library

If you're using Maven, simply add the following dependency to your POM.xml file:


Or if you prefer Gradle, include the following declaration to your build.gradle file:

compile 'com.ackbox:ackbox-totp:1.1.0'


Registering with pre-existent TOTP authenticator applications

You can use pre-existent TOTP authentication applications (e.g. Google Authenticator) or implement your own TOTP provider integration. In order to use a pre-existent provider, simply use TOTPProviders class to retrieve an instance of TOTPAuthenticator.

val authenticator = TOTPProviders.googleAuthenticator()
val credentials = authenticator.createCredentials()

val secretKey = credentials.secretKey // You might want to store this value for a given user
val verificationCode = credentials.verificationCode // You might want to store this value for a given user
val scratchCodes = credentials.scratchCodes // You might want to store this value for a given user

With a new instance of TOTPAuthenticator, you can register your application with a TOTP authenticator app of your choice using QR code:

val applicationName = "MyAppName"
val userAccountName = ""
val urlToQRCode = authenticator.createQRCode(applicationName, userAccountName, credentials.secretKey)

Authentication using TOTP applications

Now that your application is registered with a TOTP authenticator application, you can use generated TOTP codes to authenticate users:

val userCodeFromTOTPApplication = 123456
val userSecretKey = MyUserRepository().retrieveUserSecretKey(userAccountName) 
val isAuthorized = authenticator.authorize(userSecretKey, userCodeFromTOTPApplication)

Scratch codes

By default 5 scratch codes are generated together with a new shared secret. Scratch codes are meant to be a safety net in case a user loses access to their token device. Scratch nodes are not a functionality required by the TOTP standard and it is up to the developer to decide whether they should be used in his application.

Supported TOTP providers

Google Authenticator

The library comes with TOTP implementation compatible with Google Authenticator App. The current implementation provides a set of configurable settings:

val configuration = GoogleAuthenticatorConfig(
    timeStepSize = Duration.ofSeconds(30), // Time step size as specified by RFC 6238.
    windowSize = 3, // Value representing the number of windows of size timeStepSize that are checked during the validation process, to account for differences between the server and the client clocks.
    codeDigits = 6, // Number of digits in the generated code.
    keyModulus = Math.pow(10.0, codeDigits.toDouble()).toLong() // Key modulus as specified by RFC 6238. 
val authenticator = TOTPProviders.googleAuthenticator(configuration)


Simple TOTP authenticator written in Kotlin







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