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Experimenting with using Vuetify on a Meteor project.
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client Refactoring the Vuex implementation a little bit. Hiding the app cont… Jul 14, 2018
server Starting to work with reactive data. Jul 18, 2018
tests Started adding basic Vue support for the Meteor project Jun 15, 2018
package.json Adding Vuex, starting to add a login flow. Jun 20, 2018


Experimenting with using Vuetify on a Meteor project.

We'll see how it goes. I am attempting to document the experiment steps I take in the following URL:

EDIT: The following is the link to the published google doc. I spend too much time trying to enlarge the images I pasted in the beginning again and again so I'll just leave it as is.

If someone knows how to enlarge those images on the google doc source (other than going one by one manually) I'd be glad to do that. Otherwise, unless I get some spare time to go back and enlarge them, you can always click the "open this image in a new tab" (or whatever your browser allows) to see the original sized images for the first ~dozen images.

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