EI Indexing

Updated Feb 1, 2019

For many academics, particularly in China, it is important to have proceedings indexed in Elsevier’s Engineering Index. This project tracks the status of proceedings submissions.


Updated Jan 23, 2019

A longer-term goal is to have a RESTful API whereby paper text and metadata can be retrieved in the form of a structured object (like JSON).


Updated Feb 4, 2019

List of daily tasks that are in our working queue. Used to keep track of bugs that have been resolved but require manual intervention before they can be closed.

Search Engine Integration

Updated Jan 15, 2019

The Anthology is not properly indexed by major search engines, particularly Google. We have some information and suggestions from our contacts there, which we should implement. This project is also bound up with the static site rewrite which will help address some of these issues.

Data Integrity

Updated Feb 16, 2019

This project looks both inward and forward: inward, to find and correct existing Anthology errors via manual and automated methods, and forward, to prevent future errors from making their way into the anthology. Errors can be factual mistakes but also formatting issues (such as incorrect month formats or mistakes in title casing in BibTeX). The focus is on the authoritative data (the XML files in the imports/ directory), but extends to derived formats, particularly the BibTeX export.

An author's name can appear in different ways across papers for a variety of reasons. We should begin compiling a list of the variant names for each author along with the canonical representation.

One reason for different representations is the suppression of diacritics: for example, Ondrej Bojar and Ondřej Bojar. These should be merged into a single page.

Static Rewrite of the Anthology

Updated Feb 13, 2019

The Anthology is current built as a ruby-on-rails dynamic site with caching used to help with performance. We would like to rebuild the site as completely statically generated as possible, including all conference, paper, and author pages.

More information can be found here.

Legacy Anthology Closure

Updated Jan 12, 2019

Issues and workflows for closing up the legacy Anthology and redirects.

(Experimenting with GitHub's project boards).