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For release 0.8.2:
- bugfix: using tab completion would crash the virtual machine.
For release 0.8.1:
- getVar()/setVar() (Bernhard)
- unicode support (Andrew)
- added bats test case and running on travis ci (Andrew)
- various build fixes (Andrew)
For release 0.8.0:
- added JScheme completer. Provided by Samer Abdallah
- added support for Getline (Bernhard)
- added support for WIN32
For release 0.7.3:
- don't add history automatically for each line. Provided by Brian Clapper
- removed 1024-byte limitation (useful for long multiline input)
For release 0.7.2:
- no functionality changes; only modified build process a bit
for first libreadline-java release on sourceforge (Henner)
For release 0.7.1:
(provided by Henner Zeller <>)
- provide method hasTerminal() to check, if we are run from a terminal
(calls isatty())
- make build process work on Solaris
- provide RPM-spec file
For release 0.7.0:
- bugfix: setCompleter(null) crashed the virtual machine. Now, it sets
the completer back to default behaviour (filename completion)
- native functions added:
o cleanupReadlineImpl() does a reset of the readline lib and the
terminal. Exported as 'void cleanup()' to the java user.
o getLineBufferImpl() returns the current line buffer. This is
usually needed within completers to access the _full_ line (the
completer only gets the last word). Exported as
'String getLineBuffer()' to the java user.
- documentation: complete example for ReadlineCompleter interface;
better indented example for Readline. Added cleanup() in the example.
- declare the 'UnsatisfiedLinkError' in the load() method for
documentation purposes.
(all changes provided by Henner Zeller <>)
- added note about Debian-packages in README
- new description on how to make Jython work with JavaReadline
(copied from a posting of Steve Cohen <> to
For release 0.6.1:
- bugfix: fallback-solution did not throw EOFException
- bugfix: missing P ("ureJava") in method Readline.byName()
For release 0.6:
- added ReadlineLibrary
- implemented Editline-support
- improved documentation
For release 0.5.2:
- added ReadlineReader (provided by Shane Celis <>)
- added contrib-directory with
* bsh (provided by Shane Celis <>)
* jpython (moved from my own website into this package)
- added section about LICENSING ISSUES in README
- updated TODO
For release 0.5.1:
- added word break patch (sets rl_completer_word_break_characters,
provided by David Dribin <>)
For release 0.5:
- added code for reading/writing history files
(provided by
- added code for setting a custom completer
(provided by
- added a sample custom completer
- changed ReadlineTest to include new methods
For release 0.43:
- rewrote makefile(s)
- changed directory structure
- moved ReadlineTest to package test
- removed file INSTALL
For release 0.42:
- Moved native code to native subdirectory
- Reorganized makefiles
For release 0.41:
- Changed package name to org.gnu.readline (to be SUN compliant)
For release 0.4:
- Added the following methods: readInitFile() and parseAndBind()
For release 0.3:
- Added UTF-8 to UCS-1 conversion: characters with 8'th bit set are now
For release 0.2:
- Initial public release