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“Solarized After Dark”
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A fork of the Atom version of the famous Solarized theme—with a moonlit aura.

Design Decisions

I love the harmonious blend of Solarized's accent colors and how well they all fit together. After all, the most important facet of a syntax theme is to be able to easily differentiate the different tokens in source code. And Solarized manages to achieve this while still looking beautiful.

However, the dark blue "in the shade of a tree" background (as well as the yellow morning-sun variant) break this neutrality. Lunarized fixes it by completely desaturating the base colors as well as lowering each of their brightnesses by 15%. Plain text has also been bumped from the base0 to base1 color to compensate.


To get the Atom package:

  • Bring up Settings via cmd-,
  • Go to the Themes page
  • Search for Lunarized and install

To get the Xcode colorscheme:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes
cp Lunarized.dvtcolortheme !:2

To get the Vim colorscheme:

With pathogen:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Without pathogen:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors
cd ~/.vim/colors
curl -O


Atom Screenshot Vim Screenshot

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