Part of the HL Fabric course ( Contains the code discussed in section on Business Domain Model Development
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airlinev1 updates Nov 5, 2017
airlinev2 updates Nov 5, 2017
airlinev3 updates Nov 5, 2017
airlinev4 updates Nov 5, 2017
airlinev5 updates Nov 5, 2017
airlinev6 v6 solution correction Jul 10, 2018
airlinev7 update Apr 6, 2018
airlinev8 Composer Deploy Depreciation Update Jun 3, 2018
airlinev9 Update Jul 9, 2018
.gitignore Updated Dec 24, 2017 up Feb 10, 2018

This code is part of a course on Hyperledger Fabric For more information on the course, please visit

  • airlinev1 Used in the lecture on Introduction to modeling a Resource

  • airlinev2 Extends the model with a participant type resource

  • airlinev3 Discussed the idea of flight and routes. Talks about use of arrays

  • airlinev4 Extends the model to define the relationship between Flight and the aircraft

  • airlinev5 Shows how field level validations are created

  • airlinev6 Unique identity requirement for assets and participants. Provides the solution to the exercise.

  • airlinev7

  • airlinev8 Shows how to

    • Write Test cases
    • Use the embedded runtime for testing
    • Error handling in TP functions
  • airlinev9

    • More TP functions

toolbox docker

volume mount on toolbox