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How to add your own textfile to the repo!

  1. Open up your terminal.

  2. Clone the repository(or repo) by running the following command

    git clone

  3. After cloning the repository, go to the directory by running the following command

    cd HelloRepo

  4. Create a text file with your name 'yourname.txt' (ex. jaychae.txt)

  5. In the file, please briefly mention some of your past experience and projects you would like to work on. (NOTE: This information will be public and we might add to our website.)

  6. Go back to the terminal and run the following series of commands.

    git add .

    git commit -m "YOUR NAME"

    git push origin master

It might ask you for username and password but it shouldn't be a problem.

  1. Go back to your browser and refresh the main repo page. You will see your file uploaded. Happy hacking!