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Rashad Russell
The majority of my experience comes from front-end development. I am also skilled in
UI design and Wordpress. I am a beginner in PHP, Javascript, and JQuery, but I can
hold my own.
2012-2013 Goals:
I want to become an experienced Python and Javascript developer. Any project that I
work on this school year must contain both. Some involvement with HTML5 and CSS3 is
also important.
2012-2013 Project Idea
A collaboration text-editor with VoIP technology built with Python and Javascript.
Also, we can integrate the Github API in someway, shape, or form into our project.
Think of it as "Google Docs mixed with Skype for coders". We can read the Google Docs
Blog, and learn about their solution to writing a collaboration software.
Code_Central - PHP based website that features a blog, CMS, and social network.
I created this project to practice PHP. It is far from finished. I was able to get
the blog, CMS, and messaging system to work, but the friendship system still needs
to be built.
Web Monkeys Website - Our current website,, will be put
on Github to allow members to edit the site.
Portfolio -
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