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@@ -5,22 +5,22 @@ How to add your own textfile to the repo!
2. Clone the repository(or repo) by running the following command
-<code> git clone </code>
+ <code> git clone </code>
3. After cloning the repository, go to the directory by running the following command
-<code> cd HelloRepo </code>
+ <code> cd HelloRepo </code>
4. Create a text file with your name 'yourname.txt' (ex. jaychae.txt)
5. In the file, please briefly mention some of your past experience and projects you would like to work on.
-(NOTE: This information will be public on our website.)
+(NOTE: This information will be public and we might add to our website.)
6. Go back to the terminal and run the following series of commands.
- git add .
- git commit -m "YOUR NAME"
- git push origin master
+ <code>git add . </code>
+ <code>git commit -m "YOUR NAME"</code>
+ <code>git push origin master</code>
It might ask you for username and password but it shouldn't be a problem.

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