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+Rashad Russell
+ The majority of my experience comes from front-end development. I am also skilled in
+ UI design and Wordpress. I am a beginner in PHP, Javascript, and JQuery, but I can
+ hold my own.
+2012-2013 Goals:
+ I want to become an experienced Python and Javascript developer. Any project that I
+ work on this school year must contain both. Some involvement with HTML5 and CSS3 is
+ also important.
+2012-2013 Project Idea
+ A collaboration text-editor with VoIP technology built with Python and Javascript.
+ Also, we can integrate the Github API in someway, shape, or form into our project.
+ Think of it as "Google Docs mixed with Skype for coders". We can read the Google Docs
+ Blog, and learn about their solution to writing a collaboration software.
+ Code_Central - PHP based website that features a blog, CMS, and social network.
+ I created this project to practice PHP. It is far from finished. I was able to get
+ the blog, CMS, and messaging system to work, but the friendship system still needs
+ to be built.
+ Web Monkeys Website - Our current website,, will be put
+ on Github to allow members to edit the site.
+ Portfolio -

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