Digital signage for the ACM Office television
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ACM Display

Digital signage for the ACM Office television.


npm install
cd src
cp secrets.js.sample secrets.js

Populate secrets.js with your API keys.

How to run

Download a prebuilt binary of Electron. Then run:

npm start

If you need to use a custom version of electron:

npm run build
/path/to/electron . # Replace with actual path to Electron binary

Adding a new Panel

A panel is just a React component that can be fit flexibly inside a div (to conform with the dashboard layout). To add a new type of panel:

  1. Create a new panel component in src/panels/.
  2. Import your panel component in src/panels.js and give it a representative name.
  3. Add an entry in src/layout.json to render your panel on the dashboard.
  4. Follow the instructions for 'Changing the layout' to graphically resize and position your panel.

Changing the layout

You can manually edit src/layout.json to change the layout of the Dashboard. However, you can also run dashboard in layout mode with --layout, which allows you to drag and resize panels.

  1. Run npm run start:layout or /path/to/electron . --layout

  2. Drag and resize panels on the dashboard.

  3. Copy the newly created current_layout.json from the project root directory to src/layout.json.

    mv curent_layout.json src/layout.json

Raspberry Pi setup guide

See the wiki for instructions for setting up a production display on a Raspberry Pi.