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Carousel design #17

cmr1347 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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We talked that we might take the carousel down since it's too difficult to make it stay even in height with the text box next to it, and it doesn't add much to the page anyway.

I'm fine with taking it down, even though I like the idea of having pictures.

Other option is to find a way to make the carousel contribute something to the page. Personally, I despise the way Twitter Bootstrap carousels look by default because there's no preview or other motivating reason why someone would click to see the other images.

I'm a big fan of the image "slider" at the top of the Art Institute's website, , because it gives you the choice to click a caption and image title to see the corresponding picture. It also serves as a sort of navbar because you can double click to see the page on the topic pictured. Another enormous advantage of the design is that excess image fades behind the text box, so any image size, shape, or orientation can be used. That being said, I have no idea how difficult it would be to do something like this, or if it would even work for our purposes.

Another option to incorporate pictures and possibly solve the issue of color balance we discussed would be to find a way to put a series of photos with function on the page or along the bottom of the page, sort of like here . But I don't think that will work very well design-wise with what we have right now, and would be very tedious to try to make clean-looking.

Easiest option (and definitely best for now) is just to take the carousel down. which case, could that please be changed soon? It drives me nuts that the boxes are uneven. O:)


@cmr1347 Is this still an issue or can I close it?


Still think the carousel looks pretty bad, but changing it isn't a priority right now. Could you guys please come up with a way to fix this over the next month? Next year, we'll direct speakers we're inviting to the page, so it's important that it looks pretty.

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