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<title>SIGMil Presents</title>
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<h1 align=center>It is a Very Different World:</h1>
<h2 align=center>The Digital Wild West of American Politics and How
Technology Changes Your Privacy</h2>
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<h2>With less than a week before the presidential election, come join us this
halloween to find out how technology is used to impact the election process
and your privacy.
This event is free to all. Dinner will be provided courtesy of
<a href="">SIGMiL</a></h2>
<h2>The Digital Wild West of American Politics:</h2>
<h3>How Computers and the
Internet are Being Used and Misused in the 2008 Election</h3>
<!-- <h3>Abstract:</h3> -->
<p>The use of technology has changed the landscape of politics in the
United States and has fueled one of the most interesting and engaging
elections in modern memory. The use of creative and targeted online
fundraising strategies allowed underdog political candidate Barack Obama to
out-raise the legendary fundraising network of Hillary and Bill Clinton
and allowed fringe candidate Ron Paul to set fundraising records with a
primarily Internet based outreach effort. Effective use of social
networks and blogs has energized and mobilized a historic proportion of
young and student voters and behind-the-scenes Get out the Vote (GOTV)
and voter file technology have allowed for the organization and creation of a
omplicated set of online tools that will drive "the right" people to the
polls more than ever before.</p>
<p>This lecture will focus on how technology is being used in the 2008 election
by considering how each major presidential campaign has used technology to
mobilize their supporters and push out their message and what
this means for American politics going forward. Many examples will be used
from the current 2008 campaign and previous election cycles - Dean for
America in 2004 and the DNCC efforts in the 2006 congressional campaigns.
Specific areas to be considered will be: online fundraising,
internal campaign technology and voter file integration, digital messaging
and dissemination, use of social networks, rapid response practices, and
online journalism and the effect of the blogosphere on the political news
<!-- <h3>Bio:</h3> -->
<p><b>Matt Cheney</b> is a managing partner of a ten person San Francisco based
consulting company that develops strategy and technology for socially
motivated clients such as the Kiva (microloans), NASA (space exploration),
and Partners in Health (health care to the global poor), Silicon Valley savvy
business types like Sun Microsystems (education tools) and Intel (open source
communities), and academic institutions like Stanford (online
publications) and UCSF (library services). In the political arena,
Cheney worked on half a dozen congressional campaigns, assisted with
litigation as part of several voting rights
cases, spent the 2004 election helping coordinate election efforts in
the Alaskan cold, developed some neat GOTV techniques using social
networks for the Iowa primaries, and is working on a couple citizen
engagement tools for the 2008 election. He attending the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign here he received many degrees and did an
unreasonable number of academic and social projects.</p>
<h2>How Technology Changes Your Privacy</h2>
<!-- <h3>Abstract:</h3> -->
<p>The statement "You have zero privacy anyway, get over it" was made
some 6 years ago by one of our more abrasive industry leaders, and
things have only gotten worse. Advances in technology are enabling
applications such as location tracking, political profiling and
classification, and even real time streaming face recognition. Worse,
most often this data is collected without consent and with no real
assurance of confidentiality, or even legal or constitutional
<p>We are only just beginning to understand the consequences of having
our entire lives archived and sold to the highest bidder, to say
nothing of rampant government surveillance. Those who are not careful
with protecting their personal information and online activities are
in for some unpleasant surprises in the future: be it from a bitter
divorce case, character attacks in a frivolous lawsuit, political
opposition, or just plain old marketing spam that arrives at exactly
the wrong time.</p>
<!-- <h3>Bio:</h3> -->
<p>By day <b>Michael Perry</b> is a mild mannered reverse engineer
owned and operated by Riverbed Technology, slaving away at accelerating
broken monopolistic protocols from the Evil Empire and generally helping to
make the intranets faster by several orders of magnitude. By night, he
transforms into an ardent supporter of digital rights, privacy, and
anonymity on and offline. Mike believes that not only is it every
person's right to opt-out of the Database Nation, it is also in their
self-interest to do so, and to have company. In a world where our
minute-to-minute thoughts are archived by IP address in search
engines, Mike believes Tor is desperately needed not just by political
dissidents, but by everyone.</p>
<div class="descr"></div>
Siebel Center</a></h3>
<h1>Schedule of Events</h1>
<h3>Halloween, October 31</h3>
<li>5:30p - 6:30p :: Matthew Cheney</li>
<li>6:30p - 7:00p :: Refreshments courtesy of SIGMiL</li>
<li>7:00p - 8:00p :: Michael Perry</li>
<h4 align=center>This event paid for by <a
<h4 align=center>Refreshments Courtesy of <a
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