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Aug 01, 2009

  1. Josh ben Jore

    Pre-resolve symlink for File::Stat test under -Dmksymlinks

    jbenjore authored
  2. Jesse Vincent

    Removed a release-engineering step. (It's been replaced with automate…

    …d tests)
    obra authored

Jul 31, 2009

  1. Jesse Vincent

    made the manicheck actions (previously releng) into tests that always…

    … run
    obra authored
  2. Jesse Vincent

    Fixed maintainership for lib/ExtUtils/t/InstallWithMM.t

    obra authored
  3. Jesse Vincent

    Linearized the release-manager's guide to make it less of a choose-yo…

    …ur-own-adventure novel
    obra authored
  4. Jesse Vincent

    Copyediting the release_managers_guide.

    No functional changes
    obra authored
  5. Jesse Vincent

    Start refactoring out release management steps that aren't actually t…

    …ied to building a release
    obra authored
  6. Craig A. Berry

    Clean up the .exists files on VMS.

    craigberry authored
  7. Steffen Müller

    Mention in apidocs that av_push takes ownership of a refcount

    tsee authored
  8. Add Porting/ to MANIFEST

    Nicholas Clark authored
  9. Add lib/version/Internals.pod to MANIFEST and Porting/

    Nicholas Clark authored

Jul 30, 2009

  1. Rafael Garcia-Suarez

    Add new error "Can't use keyword '%s' as a label"

    rgs authored
  2. Try longst prefixes first, else lib/CPAN may match lib/CPANPLUS/... a…

    …nd similar.
    Nicholas Clark authored
  3. Jesse Vincent

    'git st' is not a standard git command.

    Spotted by Tux++
    obra authored
  4. Sort MANIFEST using Perl

    Jerry D. Hedden authored obra committed

Jul 29, 2009

  1. we want the git-describe of the requested item, not the current head.

    Yves Orton authored
  2. convert the contents of make_dot_patch into a function and put it in …

    Yves Orton authored
  3. much much quicker solution

    Yves Orton authored
  4. Jesse Vincent

    Porting/ can now update Module::CoreList directly

    Rather than requiring a release engineer to cut and paste into
    Module::CoreList use the magic of regexps to do a first pass.
    obra authored
  5. Jesse Vincent

    add 'regen' steps to the release_managers_guide

    obra authored
  6. Avoid shelling out to an external sort to verify that MANIFEST is sor…

    This also lets us report which file(s) are out of order.
    Nicholas Clark authored
  7. Paul Green

    Escape the periods in some Stratus VOS-specific code in makedepend.SH

    paulg1973 authored Nicholas Clark committed
  8. Vincent Pit

    Merge branch 'deletelocal' into blead

    vpit authored
  9. hints/ Add correct flags for compilation with pthreads

    The Doctor authored Andy Dougherty committed
  10. Add MANIFEST sort test

    Jerry D. Hedden authored Nicholas Clark committed
  11. Sort the MANIFEST.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  12. Jesse Vincent and lib/ have been changed since 5.10.0. Their…

    … versions needed to be bumped before 5.11.0
    obra authored Nicholas Clark committed
  13. Add a test to verify that the MANIFEST file is well-formed.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  14. Jesse Vincent

    bump-perl-version false positives

    In the runup to 5.10.1, Dave created bump-perl-version to automate
    the tedious process of incrementing the Perl version number.  Trying
    it out on blead, I found that there are a few files it matches
    which either mention a version of Perl and then say "replace 5.x.y with
    your version of Perl" or which are describing changes in a particular
    version of perl. The attached patch skips those files.
    At this point, we're down to 18 files which need to be changed to bump
    the version at release time.
    From 0c347ba Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
    From: Jesse Vincent <>
    Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 10:00:09 -0400
    Subject: [PATCH] Removed some false positives flagged for gratuitious changing by the bump-perl-version releng tool
    obra authored dagolden committed
  15. Léon Brocard


  16. Tabs, not spaces, in MANIFEST.

    Nicholas Clark authored
  17. Rafael Garcia-Suarez

    Forbid labels with keyword names

    rgs authored
  18. Rafael Garcia-Suarez

    Make test pass with -t

    rgs authored

Jul 28, 2009

  1. Jesse Vincent

    makerel now tells you _which_ files differ from the MANIFEST and if p…

    …ossible gives you sha1 sums of the built distribution
    obra authored Nicholas Clark committed
  2. Jesse Vincent

    A first stab at walking through the release-manager guide Primarily f…

    …ixing bugs and clarifying prose.
    obra authored Nicholas Clark committed
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