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Acme Air Sample Application

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Acme Air Sample and Benchmark

This application shows an implementation of a fictitious airline called "Acme Air". The application was built with the some key business requirements: the ability to scale to billions of web API calls per day, the need to develop and deploy the application in public clouds (as opposed to dedicated pre-allocated infrastructure), and the need to support multiple channels for user interaction (with mobile enablement first and browser/Web 2.0 second).

There are two implementations of the application each with an application tier and a data tier. They are:

  • NodeJS to Mongodb
  • Java / WebSphere Liberty Profile to WebSphere eXtreme Scale

Repository Contents


  • acmeair-common: The Java entities used throughout the application
  • acmeair-loader: A tool to load the Java implementation data store
  • acmeair-services: The Java data services interface definitions
  • acmeair-service-wxs: A WebSphere eXtreme Scale data service implementation
  • acmeair-webapp: The Web 2.0 application and associated Java REST services
  • acmeair-webapp-nodejs: A implementation of the Acme Air application in NodeJS with a MongoDB data store backend
  • acmeair-driver: The workload driver script and supporting classes and resources

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