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JSONY - Relaxed JSON with a little bit of YAML
use JSONY;
my $data = JSONY->new->load($jsony_string);
JSONY is a data language that is simlar to JSON, just more chill. All
valid JSON is also valid JSONY (and represents the same thing when
loaded), but JSONY lets you omit a lot of the syntax that makes JSON a
pain to write.
JSONY has one object method: "load". You pass it a JSONY string and it
returns the loaded Perl data object.
Here is some examples of JSONY followed by equivalent JSON:
Words don't need quotes. A list of things is an array:
foo bar baz
[ "foo", "bar", "baz" ]
Strings with spaces can use single or double quotes:
'foo bar' # <= This is (a comment indicating) a string
# More commenting
"baz boom "
[ "foo bar ", "baz boom " ]
Top level hashes can be ':' separated pairs or use curlies. Sub hashes
require curlies.
foo: { bar baz }
num: -1.2e3
{ "foo": { "bar": "baz" }, "num": -1.2e3 }
Top level arrays can use '- ' at the start of lines. Those arrays go the
end of line. Lines can be continued using a trailing comma. Sub arrays
require square brackets.
- array of 4 scalars
- array with [ sub
array { of
things }]
- array of 7 things on,
two lines
[ "array", "of", 4, "scalars" ],
[ "array", "with", [ "sub", "array" { "of": "things" } ] ],
[ "array", "of", 7, "things", "on", "two", "lines" ]
More soon...
NOTE: You may want to look at the tests (especially "t/load.t") to see
the full abilities of JSONY.
JSONY is mst's idea, and ingy's Pegex based implementation. The language
is just a baby, and will change a lot, or may go away entirely.
Development people are currently working on this in "#jsony" in Please drop by. coming soon.
Ingy döt Net (ingy) <>
Matt S. Trout (mst) <>
Copyright (c) 2012, 2013 Ingy döt Net
This library is free software and may be distributed under the same
terms as perl itself.
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