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How to use on Solaris based operating sytsems

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I ran this on Illumos, with Apache22

1. get


2. Make sure you have wget and GNU sed installed

pkg install gnu-sed wget

3. Set up your environment

  • your path needs to include GNU sed before "Sun" sed, and include the path to "apachectl"
  • you need to set "ACME_DIR" to be somewhere at least chmod 755 readable by the Apache web server (i.e. don't use /root/acme because the /root directory is not read/exec by "other". The default ACME_DIR is set to be the automounted "/home/.acme" directory. (Neil suggests possibly using /tmp/.acme)
export PATH ; PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/apache2/2.2/bin
export ACME_DIR ; ACME_DIR=/tmp/.acme

4. Run the

  • Please don't specify the "-w" option, this will only cause confusion
  • if you are using Proxy forwarding, like I was, or any other similar configuration; you will need to modify the Apache configuration to allow "/.well-known" to pass through
  • I never had any luck with curl, so I force the use of wget. YMMV
  • if you are going to play with this a lot, you will want to add "--test" to the command, which will use the "staging area" of, and/or --debug to check that it is working. If you do use the "staging area"; when you come to do this for real you will need to add "--force" to the command
./ --issue --apache -d --use-wget

5. adding to cron

the simple command to add this to cron is:

./ --install-cronjob

however you might well need to copy/move the "" command into ~/ for this to pick up the location correctly.

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