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Issue a cert from existing CSR

Alexandre edited this page Nov 15, 2016 · 4 revisions

From v2.4.4, support to issue a cert from an existing csr.

There are 2 commands related:

1. Display the content of the csr  --showcsr  --csr  /path/to/mycsr.csr

It shows the subject and domain names in the csr.

2. Issue a cert from the csr  --signcsr   --csr  /path/to/mycsr.csr  -w /path/to/webroot/

The first parameter is the csr file, all the other parameters are same as --issue command.

For example, you can specify different webroot folders for each domain in the csr:  --signcsr  --csr  /path/to/mycsr/csr  -w /wwwroot/  -w /wwwroot/  -w /wwwroot/

Another example, using dns mode:  --signcsr  --csr /path/to/mycsr/csr  --dns  dns_cf

The parameters are same as --issue command.

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