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Using ' pre hook', ' post hook', ' renew hook' and ' reloadcmd'

James White edited this page Mar 22, 2020 · 1 revision

Those hooks are only accepted by the --issue command, but will be saved and apply to --renew or --cron commands as well. As such it can be a good way to do things (like close and re-open a server, or notify of updates) that need to happen only when issuance is actually attempted. --issue -d  \
        --pre-hook "echo this is pre hook that happens before attempting to issue a certificate."  \
        --post-hook "echo this is post hook that happens after attempting to issue a certificate."  \
        --renew-hook "echo this will be called when certs are successfully renewed."  .......

Note: to reload the web server when installing certificates, there is a related command: --install-cert \
        ..... \
        --reloadcmd "echo this runs after successfully installing certificates."

Keep in mind that when running --cron, any newly-renewed certificates will automatically be installed, and the reloadcmd will be run. Consequently, if you are using --pre-hook and --post-hook to stop and restart a web server, you probably don't want to also reload it in reloadcmd. Since --install-cert is typically only run once, you can just do this by hand.

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