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Pion Network Library: a C++ framework for building lightweight HTTP interfaces
Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Cloudmeter, Inc.
Home page:
The Pion Network Library is published under the Boost Software License.
See COPYING for licensing information.
Detailed build instructions are available for all of the platforms
supported by Pion within the "common/doc" subdirectory (README.platform).
Please read these instructions first.
Build and installation summary:
# ./ (only required if using a git clone)
# ./configure (run ./configure --help to see available options)
# make all (this will build everything except the unit tests)
# make check (this will build and run the unit tests)
# make docs (this will build the Doxygen source documentation)
# make install (this may require superuser/Administrator privileges)
Pion REQUIRES the Boost C++ libraries (version 1.35.0 or greater). Please see
the README.boost file within the "common/doc" subdirectory for instructions on
how to download, build and install Boost.
For logging, Pion may be configured to:
a) use std::cout and std::cerr for logging (the default configuration)
b) use one of the following open source libraries: log4cxx, log4cpp or
log4cplus (configure using one of --with-log4cxx, --with-log4cpp or
--with-log4cplus, respectively; also may be auto-detected)
c) disable logging entirely (configure --disable-logging)