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Release Notes
- Version 1.0-alpha
Release date: 2011-11-30
* Application build on Drupal-6.22
* Create a metadata record for a data asset via a web form or a file upload
* Apply an approval workflow for metadata records
* Manage users and organizations
* Create metric reports
* Manage contents through Drupal's native functionalities
Known Issues:
* While inserting a metadata extension (such as U.S. Data Policy),
the Agency Responsible field value does not default to user's agency value.
[Flexi-Field issue as reported on]
* While entering extension fields, incorrect validation messages are displayed.
This does not prevent the user from correctly saving data and proceeding.
* Bulk operation console messages do not convey the correct result.
Messages only show that an operation has been carried out on a node,
and does not show the actual result of the workflow operation.
[Limitation from the Workflow module]
* XML file upload is currently disabled until the metadata schema is finalized,
and an XSD can be generated to validate uploads against.