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PCB2 is a working release. Use the hardware files

Pure Keys aec-pcb2.sch Pure Keys aec-pcb2.brd

**make sure that the 20 way header(keyboard connector) is soldered on so the connector is on the otherside of the board to the components. **

Button 1 controls the mode. Starts in Polyphonc mode.
Press once (2 flashes) for split mode. CV1/Trig1 is lower half of keyboard. CV2/Trig2 is upper Press again (3 flashes for mono mode. CV1/Trig 1 only Press again (1 flash) to return to poly mode.

*Button 2 is record/play mode Press and hold (button flashes when ready) to enter record mode. The note on each trig in will be recorded (up to 64), the note length is not recorded. When finished press once to exit record mode. Press once (quickly) to enter play mode.

For step type recording use a manual trigger press.

Note Will only record the bottom note, best used in Mono mode for recording. In playback mode will output on CV1/Trig1 and other notes are shifted up one. In Split mode upper half of keyboard is available.

Glide Controls the Portamento rate. Works in Mono/Poly mode. In Split mode only upper half of keyboard is glided.

This is a project to create a voltage control keyboard for Eurorack Synths. The aim is to create a fourvoice polyphtonic keyboard, with no MIDI at all.

The hardware is based around the ATMEGA.

See alos Changelog.txt in Hardware


SiliconMind.ion is latest for aec-pcb2 First PCB hardware

              Work in progress, in test !

Hardware Designs:

Pure Keys aec Original Design

Pure Keys aec-pcb1 First PCB do not use

  	       Needs pull down resistors on	MK lines
               5V Ref needs	 replacing with 3v version
               Switch needs	 pull up, not down.

Pure Keys aec-pcb2.

               Changes in pcb1 are rolled into this
               Pure Keys aec-pcb2 In Progress

Pure Keys aec-pcb3-inProgress (obsolete)

Next design in progress
     	    Changes from pcb2 are rolled into this 

Pure Keys aec-pcb3-smd-inProgress

SMD version.   Next design in progress
     	    Changes from pcb2 are rolled into this