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Code and data for "Learning Scalar Adjective Intensity from Paraphrases"

If you use the code or data in this repo, please cite the following paper:

  author = 	"Cocos, Anne
		and Wharton, Veronica
		and Pavlick, Ellie
		and Apidianaki, Marianna
		and Callison-Burch, Chris",
  title = 	"Learning Scalar Adjective Intensity from Paraphrases",
  booktitle = 	"Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing",
  year = 	"2018",
  publisher = 	"Association for Computational Linguistics",
  pages = 	"1752--1762",
  location = 	"Brussels, Belgium",
  url = 	""

Directory contents

  • The adjective graph that encodes adjectival paraphrases from PPDB of the form (RB JJ1 <--> JJ2) is under jjgraph/
  • Code for computing a pairwise paraphrase-based intensity score is in pairpredict/
  • Code for the downstream tasks of global ordering and indirect question answering are in globalorder/ and iqap/ respectively
  • The crowdsourced dataset of adjective scales is in globalorder/data/crowd/gold_rankings. Each file contains adjectives belonging to one scale, where they are ranked from least to most intense by line.
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