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Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer

What is this ?

"Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer" is an android application that offers you an easy way to stay in touch with your friends and theirs gravatar profiles.

"Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer" is written by Alexandre COLLIGNON and Fabien CHAILLOU.


"Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer" is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.


Checkout the code and hack

All the sources and resources of the project are avaible in our Git repository hosted by start hacking, check out the code with this command line :

git clone

Join us

Feel free to join us and contribute to the project. We need developpers, designers, translators... the only required skill is the motivation !

Project Struture

The project is composed of 3 parts :

  • Grasy is the android application eclipse project (the source code) ;

  • GrasyDoc contains all the documentation of the project ;

  • GrasyTest is a set of unit tests eclipse project.

The Grasy developer tools

Here is a list of applications that we used to work on "Grasy, The Gravatar Synchronizer" :