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Create readable chatbot quickly with Go.
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Chatroom godoc

Create readable chatbot quickly with Go.

func ppap(room chatroom.Room) chatroom.DidTalk {
	if msg, ok := (<-room.In).(string); !ok || msg != "PPAP" {
		return false
	room.Out <- "I have a pen."
	room.Out <- "I have a/an ..."
	apple, ok := (<-room.In).(string)
	if !ok {
		return true
	room.Out <- "Ah!"
	room.Out <- apple + "Pen!"

	room.Out <- "I have a pen."
	room.Out <- "I have a/an ..."
	pineapple, ok := (<-room.In).(string)
	if !ok {
		return true
	room.Out <- "Ah!"
	room.Out <- pineapple + "Pen!"

	room.Out <- apple + "Pen,"
	room.Out <- pineapple + "Pen,"
	room.Out <- "Ah!"

	room.Out <- "Pen" + pineapple + apple + "Pen!"
	return true


A small library for chatbot for go.

This library do only below:

  • Call function(Topic)
  • Pass messages to topic through pipes.

This library will omit the state managements on actual code. It can also be said "wrapper of simple channel pipelines".

But this library DON'T do below:

  • Manage states of each users
  • Communicate with chat service, Facebook, LINE and the like.

So, if you must keep data over Topic or for each users, you must write a bit more code. Generaly it will be creating instances of Chatrom for each user and use closure for Topic funcs, or use global variables.

cr, ok := crs[userID]

if !ok {
	cr = chatroom.New(topics)
	crs[userID] = cr


What is Topic?

Topic is a function, logic of a unit of conversation with user.

You write the actual code talking with users, waiting user's reaction and replying to them.

func responseToNullpo(room chatrooms.Room) chatroom.DidTalk {
	if text, ok := (<-room.In).(string); ok && text == "Nullpo" {
		return true
	return false

The return value is whether talk with user or not. If it returns false, Chatroom will call other Topic, but if it's true, Chatroom stops the calling.

How to connect LINE or Facebook Messenger with this library

To pass the messages from user to Chatroom library, use Chatroom#In.

Example on Slack bot:

	cr := chatroom.New(topics)

	http.HandleFunc("/", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
		body, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(r.Body)
		if getSentUserName(body) == "slackbot" {

		// Pass the received message to Chatroom.
		cr.In <- getReceivedMessage(body)


(The whole code: examples/nullpo/nullpo.go)

And you can use it to send to user. Call Room#Out, and you can receive it by Chatroom#Out.

For instance,

func sender(userID string, cr chatroom.Chatroom) {
	for {
		text, _ := (<-cr.Out).(string)
		bot.PushMessage(userID, linebot.NewTextMessage(text)).Do()

(The whole code: examples/ppap/ppap.go)

You can exclude UserID from Topic functions by using this feature.


Godoc: chatroom - GoDoc

Examples: chatroom-go-v2/examples at master · acomagu/chatroom-go


  • Golang





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