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#!/usr/bin/env guile -s
;;; Guile OAuth client example.
;; Copyright (C) 2013-2018 Aleix Conchillo Flaque <>
;; This file is part of guile-oauth.
;; guile-oauth is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; guile-oauth is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with guile-oauth. If not, see
;;; Commentary:
;; OAuth Twitter client example.
;;; Code:
(use-modules (json)
(oauth oauth1)
(ice-9 receive)
(sxml simple)
(rnrs bytevectors)
(web server)
(web request)
(web response)
(web uri))
(define title "guile-oauth twitter example")
(define xhtml-doctype
"<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN\" "
(define *twitter-request-url* "")
(define *twitter-auth-url* "")
(define *twitter-access-url* "")
(define *twitter-credentials* (oauth1-credentials "" ""))
(define *request-token* (oauth1-credentials "" ""))
(define *access-token* (oauth1-credentials "" ""))
(define (request-query-ref request param)
(let ((query (uri-query (request-uri request))))
(assoc-ref (oauth1-parse-www-form-urlencoded query) param)))
(define (twitter-main-editing-form)
(form (@ (method "POST")
(action "http://localhost:8080/twitter/auth"))
(p (label (@ (for "key")) "Consumer key: ")
(input (@ (name "key") (type "text") (size "50")
(value ""))))
(p (label (@ (for "secret")) "Consumer secret: ")
(input (@ (name "secret") (type "text") (size "50")
(value ""))))
(p (label (@ (for "request")) "Request token URL: ")
(input (@ (name "request") (type "text") (size "50")
(value ,*twitter-request-url*))))
(p (label (@ (for "auth")) "Authorize token URL: ")
(input (@ (name "auth") (type "text") (size "50")
(value ,*twitter-auth-url*))))
(p (label (@ (for "access")) "Access token URL: ")
(input (@ (name "access") (type "text") (size "50")
(value ,*twitter-access-url*))))
(input (@ (type "submit") (name "status") (value "Home timeline"))))))
(define (twitter-main-form request body)
(head (title ,title))
(body ,(twitter-main-editing-form))))
(define (twitter-main-form-handler request body)
(values (build-response
#:headers '((content-type . (text/html))))
(lambda (port)
(display xhtml-doctype port)
(sxml->xml (twitter-main-form request body) port))))
(define (twitter-authenticate)
(let ((callback "http://localhost:8080/twitter/access"))
(set! *request-token*
(oauth1-client-request-token *twitter-request-url*
(oauth1-client-authorize-url *twitter-auth-url* *request-token*)))
(define (twitter-auth request body)
(let ((params (oauth1-parse-www-form-urlencoded (utf8->string body))))
(set! *twitter-credentials*
(oauth1-credentials (assoc-ref params "key")
(assoc-ref params "secret")))
(set! *twitter-request-url* (assoc-ref params "request"))
(set! *twitter-auth-url* (assoc-ref params "auth"))
(set! *twitter-access-url* (assoc-ref params "access"))
(define (twitter-auth-handler request body)
(values (build-response
#:code 302
#:headers `((content-type . (text/html))
(location . ,(string->uri (twitter-auth request body)))))
(lambda (port) #nil)))
(define (twitter-access-handler request body)
(let ((location "http://localhost:8080/twitter/home_timeline")
(verifier (request-query-ref request "oauth_verifier")))
(set! *access-token*
(oauth1-client-access-token *twitter-access-url*
(values (build-response
#:code 302
#:headers `((content-type . (text/html))
(location . ,(string->uri location))))
(lambda (port) #nil))))
(define (twitter-timeline-html json)
(let ((tweets (json-string->scm json)))
(head (title ,title))
"(" (a (@ (href "http://localhost:8080/twitter/home_timeline"))
"Home timeline")
") "
"(" (a (@ (href "http://localhost:8080/twitter/user_timeline"))
"User timeline")
") "
(lambda (tweet)
(let ((user (hash-ref tweet "user")))
`(p (img (@ (src ,(hash-ref user "profile_image_url"))))
,(hash-ref tweet "text"))))
(define (twitter-timeline url)
(oauth1-client-request url *twitter-credentials* *access-token*)))
(define (twitter-tweets-handler url)
(lambda (request body)
(build-response #:headers '((content-type . (text/html))))
(lambda (port)
(display xhtml-doctype port)
(sxml->xml (twitter-timeline url) port)))))
(define twitter-user-timeline-handler
(define twitter-home-timeline-handler
;; Build a resource not found (404) response
(define (not-found request)
(values (build-response #:code 404)
(string-append "Resource not found: "
(uri->string (request-uri request)))))
(define (request-path-components request)
(split-and-decode-uri-path (uri-path (request-uri request))))
;; This is the server main handler. It will check if the given request
;; is valid, and if so it will call the right handler.
(define (main-handler request body)
;; /twitter
((equal? (request-path-components request) '("twitter"))
(twitter-main-form-handler request body))
;; /twitter/auth
((equal? (request-path-components request) '("twitter" "auth"))
(twitter-auth-handler request body))
;; /twitter/access
((equal? (request-path-components request) '("twitter" "access"))
(twitter-access-handler request body))
;; /twitter/home_timeline
((equal? (request-path-components request) '("twitter" "home_timeline"))
(twitter-home-timeline-handler request body))
;; /twitter/user_timeline
((equal? (request-path-components request) '("twitter" "user_timeline"))
(twitter-user-timeline-handler request body))
;; Resource not found (404)
(else (not-found request))))
(display "\nNow go to http://localhost:8080/twitter\n")
;; We start the server. (main-handler) will be called every time a
;; request is received.
(run-server main-handler)
;;; code ends here