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Aconia Webview Toolkit - Build attractive and intuitive webviews

license code with hearth by Aconia

This page contains the code of the aconia Webview Builder. Aconia is proud to give out for FREE the complete code and all the graphic elements needed to build whatever webview you can think of! Webviews are one of the 3 big features of Messenger bots. You are likely already using the other two: texts and galleries, but if you are not including webviews in your chatbots, you are missing out on what essentially extends the bot's capabilities far beyond texting. Learn more about webviews for Messenger bots.

🏁 Start Here

  • if you don't know how to code, use the aconia Webview Builder for FREE (no coding required!)
  • you can also check out this webview demo (using Facebook Messenger)
  • join this Facebook Group if you have questions or need help


⬆️ View all available pre-built templates


⬆️ Aconia Webview Builder is compatible with Chatfuel and ManyChat

πŸ—‚οΈ Table of Contents

🎨 Demo

You can test every component LIVE in our Webview Toolkit Bot

🎨 Features

Launching an attractive and UX-friendly bot quickly and affordably is important for modern businesses β€” Aconia offers massive value without looking 'bargain-bin'.

Aconia Webview Toolkit provides state-of-the-art webviews and components to easily and quickly create amazing UX-friendly webviews for all your bots.

  • UX-friendly Interchangeable Blocks: Easy and intuitive
  • Over 20 Fully-Built Customisable Webview Templates: Jump start your project with Aconia's diverse array of beautiful pre-built templates
  • Over 300 Interchangeable Webview Components: Build your own webviews from scratch in no time with easily customisable interface components


To non-developers: This source code is meant to be used by web-developers, if you want to build custom webviews without fiddling with the code, come over to our Facebook Community where you can find a code-free webview builder!

πŸ“± Contact Developers

Feel free to contact the developers if you have any questions or projects.

πŸ“œ License

This software is licensed under the MIT Β© Aconia


Contains UX-friendly HTML/CSS for Messenger Bot Webviews. Over 20 fully-built customisable Webview templates. Over 300 interchangeable webview components.







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