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Contains UX-friendly HTML/CSS for Messenger Bot Webviews. Over 20 fully-built customisable Webview templates. Over 300 interchangeable webview components.
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Messenger Bot Webview toolkit - Build attractive and intuitive webviews

github version license code with hearth by Aconia


Get a preview of what is possible with these tools by talking to our Messenger Bot!

Subscribe to the bot to make sure you get notified when all this comes out!

🚩 Table of Contents

🎨 Demo

You can test every component LIVE in our bot right over here -> Webview Toolkit Bot

🎨 Features

Launching an attractive and UX-friendly bot quickly and affordably is important for modern businesses — Aconia offers massive value without looking 'bargain-bin'.

Messenger Bot Webview toolkit provides state-of-the-art webviews and components to easily and quickly create amazing UX-friendly webviews for all your bots.

UX-friendly Interchangeable Blocks


  • Over 20 Fully-Built Customisable Webview Templates: Jump start your project with Aconia's diverse array of beautiful pre-built templates
  • Over 300 Interchangeable Webview Components: Build your own webviews from scratch in no time with easily customisable interface components

🔨 Usage

To non-developers: This source code is meant to be used by web-developers, if you want to build custom webviews without fiddling with the code, come over to our Facebook Community where you can find a code-free webview builder!

📜 License

This software is licensed under the MIT © Aconia

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