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Ripple Rivals, (si hay beholder)

Discolder names: Sho'Yo-Muv, Bhaast'Amov,

Free yourself from being a slave, fighting on the Disco Wave.
In a world full of disaster, DiscoHolder is your master
From the dark plane of Perversion, seeing you dance is his diversion
You know what you have to do, defeat your foe and save your crew.
But this is doom, don't be naive, two will enter, one will leave.
Show your moves, get your blood pumpin', and your Sonic Boots stompin'.
For at the end you'll get your answer, who remains the better dancer.

No one can remember how life on earth was before the evil overlord [DISCOLDER NAME] came through the dark portal, the year is 2077 and this despotic ruler has succeded in transforming the world into the despaired, cruel and horrible wasteland of his dreams.
It remains a mystery as to why the tyrant decided to leave the madness of his own world and why he chose our planet to expand his dreadful reing. To some that's just the proper behaviour of a naturally insane [Discolder/Beholder], others believe he's the unholy beast fortold to start the end of times, in reality [DISCOLDER NAME] just wanted to dance, so he left his friends behind. And he had devious plans, for Earth's mightiest defenders, he made the troublemakers into mindless booty-shakers. He created an arena, in the inside of a cave, he then added lights and music, and he called it Disco Wave. "BOOGIE TO THE DEATH MY FRAGILE PUPPETS!!", you can hear inside your head as you unwillingly move your feet to the beat in line to be the next in the arena.
When you regain consciousness your feet feel heavy and cold, probably something to do with the new pair of shining silver Sonic Boots on them; As you enter the dance floor you see them unleashing a wave of detruction onto your foe, probably your only tool of survival. Who will be the fastest contender? Who will fail miserably and perish to the amusement of a maniacal god? Can you out-dance your opponent? 3..2..1...DISCO!

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