LaTeX package allowing different authors to put personal side notes in papers (e.g. with reviewing purpose).
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A LaTeX package allowing several users to put side notes in a paper, e.g. for reviewing purpose. A login-like procedure allows authors to distinguish their notes by tags and colors. One may want consider the attached file MultiUsrSideNotes_Guide_and_example.tex as a reference.


Little demo


Required packages: xcolor, etoolbox.

Inclusion and activation: after inclusion the package must be explicitly enabled; if not, side notes will not appear in the final document.

\usepackage{MultiUsrSideNotes} 	    %inclusion
\settoggle{SnShowNotes}{true}	    %activation - false to disable

Login: login command must be put in the header of the document, i.e. before \begin{document}, according to the following syntax

  • tag -> User Distinguishing tag; single char e.g. °, default = *

  • initials -> User initials, e.g. AC

  • command -> Keyword which generates new notes owing to the current user, e.g. ACNote



generates the LaTex command \ACNote{<myNote>}.

When called, it inserts a yellowish side note, marked by * and owing to the user whose initials are AC.

Making a note: The previously generated command command can be used to insert a new side note.


\ACNote{Hey, this is my side note.}

inserts a side note whose content is "Hey, this is my side note."

Remarks: Up to six users are supported so far. The colors distinguishing their notes, which are assinged following the login order, are

% (from MultiUsrSideNotes.sty)