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A working setup of Yii and Wordpress
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yii @ e9e4a0d

This based off of what I wrote up here:

  1. Pull down the repo

  2. Do a git submodule init / update

  3. Set your root directory to the Wordpress folder

  4. Do a config / setup of Wordpress

    • make sure specify an active theme (i've had to toggle between 2011 and 2012 to make sure things worked properly)
    • make sure the General Settings for WordPress are setup as follows: WordPress Address (URL): http:///wordpress Site Address (URL): http://
  5. Setup a config/mode.php file with DEVELOPMENT in it

  6. Make the protected/runtime folder and data/assets folders (if not available)

    • and make sure runtime is server writeable
  7. Should now be able to load your Yii/Wordpress app at your root directory folder

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