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KO3 asset manager module (yet another one) with support for using Amazon S3 as an asset CDN
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**View builds develop: Build Status - develop branch

As3et is yet another asset manager module for Kohana Framework v3.2 and up which is different because it's geared around ultimately deploying asset files to Amazon S3 for use as a CDN.

As3et is under initial development, but will ultimately support:

  • Collating all asset files from the cascading file system to produce an overall asset collection.
  • Uploading the collection to Amazon S3 with a deploy-specific version number. that allows the operation to be atomic and allows automatic client cache refresh.
  • Prefixing asset URLS with an Amazon S3 endpoint in the production environment.
  • Serving assets locally in developer environments.
  • Asset classes that can optionally compile/thumbnail/minify/concatenate assets on-the-fly in developer environments and/or as a build step prior to uploading.
  • All the other things that every other asset manager out there does.

As3et is built with TDD, so the develop branch should work, but expect significant API changes until a releasable version is tagged.

Unit Tests

As3et is fully unit tested (PHPUnit tests are included in this repository).

To run the tests on a standard Kohana installation (with the unittest module) just run the following from the base folder:

phpunit --bootstrap=modules/unittest/bootstrap.php --group=as3et modules/unittest/tests.php

The As3et test suite also runs continuously on Travis CI against the current codebase. Helper scripts are provided in the dev/ folder to create a sandbox with up to date Kohana core and required modules.

Further Documentation

Is included with the module, integrated into the Kohana online userguide.


As3et © 2011 Ingenerator and is released under the Kohana Licence

Issues and contributions

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome via the project's Github issue tracker, preferably with a pull request attached.

Pull requests should:

  • be targeted against the relevant develop branch
  • be contained in a separate topic/bug branch in your forked respository (in case further commits are required to complete your solution)
  • generally speaking, include a unit test or new dataset for an existing test that fails before your new code is merged and passes afterwards
  • adopt the Kohana coding standards
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