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Mimic uses the Kohana [Config] system to manage its configuration. Settings are stored in the mimic config group, and by default the module ships with the following configuration:

Key Default Function
base_path APPPATH/tests/test_data/mimic/ Root path for storage of Mimic files
active_scenario default Scenario in use (sub-path for file storage)
debug_headers FALSE Add X-Mimic debug headers to responses to indicate where match was found?
enable_recording FALSE Allow recording of requests that aren't matched?
enable_updating FALSE Update matched requests by executing and storing new response?
external_client NULL Specify an external client to use when executing requests - if NULL will use whatever is set for [Request_Client_External]::$client
response_formatters array An array of formatters to use for given content-types

Default formatters

As shipped, Mimic uses the following default formatters:

Content-Type Formatter
text/html [Mimic_Response_Formatter_HTML]
application/json [Mimic_Response_Formatter_JSON]
application/javascript [Mimic_Response_Formatter_Javascript]
text/javascript [Mimic_Response_Formatter_Javascript]
application/xml [Mimic_Response_Formatter_XML]
text/xml [Mimic_Response_Formatter_XML]
application/atom+xml [Mimic_Response_Formatter_XML]
application/rss+xml [Mimic_Response_Formatter_XML]
* (others) [Mimic_Response_Formatter]

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