Multiplatform Graphical Copy Manager
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MiniCopier is a graphical copy manager. It provides more comfort and control over file copy operations than basic OS functions.
You can use it to queue several transfers, resume a copy which has failed, limit the speed or pause the copy...
MiniCopier is multiplatform and supports Linux, Windows and MacOS X systems.



  • Pause a copy
  • Treatment of the transfers one after the other
  • Add new transfers to the queue while a copy is already being processed
  • Dynamic management of the queue of remaining transfers
  • Limit the speed of the copy
  • Skip current transfer to proceed to the next one
  • Resume a copy at the exact point where it failed (no need to start over)
  • Choose another name for the target if a file already exists
  • Can follow or ignore symbolic links (Unix systems only)
  • Set a default behavior if target file already exists
  • Keep track of the transfers which failed.


Java should be installed. (JRE 5.0 or later)


MiniCopier is published under the GNU GPLv2 license.