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Easy Docu

Combines the ease of Markdown/Showdown syntax with Bootstrap's scrollspy. Result: beautiful page(s) of documentation with an automatically generated hierarchical jump-to menu.


Modify this page as you see fit, just don't touch the scripts... MMMKAY?

Use the <markdown></markdown> tag like in the examples, the javascript will convert it all to a nice rich html. If you don't prefer to use markdown, HTML is welcome too. See below for example.

Side menu is automatic!

500 millisecods after the page has loaded, a side menu is created with affix and scrollspy bootstrap functionalities. The contents of the menu are generated automatically from the H1-H5 tags found on the entire page. So use your headings with care. Oh, one more thing. Showdown.js generates the ids for you H1-H5 tags so please make sure all your headings are unique. mmmKAY?

To change the 500 millisecond delay you can modify the auto-menu-affix-delay attribute in index.html, line 35 (or somewhere around there, it's a small file, find it yourselves!)

<div class="bs-sidebar hidden-print affix"
	<ul class="nav bs-sidenav">

By the way, look at how slickly the code is rendered eh? eh? EH?