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language: c
sudo: false
# - env: CABALVER=1.18 GHCVER=7.8.4
# addons: {apt: {packages: [cabal-install-1.18,ghc-7.8.4], sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- env: CABALVER=1.22 GHCVER=7.10.3
addons: {apt: {packages: [cabal-install-1.22,ghc-7.10.3],sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- env: CABALVER=1.24 GHCVER=8.0.1
addons: {apt: {packages: [cabal-install-1.24,ghc-8.0.1],sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- env: CABALVER=head GHCVER=head
addons: {apt: {packages: [cabal-install-head,ghc-head], sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- env: CABALVER=head GHCVER=head
- export PATH=/opt/ghc/$GHCVER/bin:/opt/cabal/$CABALVER/bin:$PATH
- cabal --version
- echo "$(ghc --version) [$(ghc --print-project-git-commit-id 2> /dev/null || echo '?')]"
- travis_retry cabal update
- cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests --enable-benchmarks
# Here starts the actual work to be performed for the package under test; any command which exits with a non-zero exit code causes the build to fail.
- if [ -f ]; then autoreconf -i; fi
- cabal configure --enable-tests --enable-benchmarks -v2 # -v2 provides useful information for debugging
- cabal build # this builds all libraries and executables (including tests/benchmarks)
- cabal test testexe
- cabal check
- cabal sdist # tests that a source-distribution can be generated
# Check that the resulting source distribution can be built & installed.
# If there are no other `.tar.gz` files in `dist`, this can be even simpler:
# `cabal install --force-reinstalls dist/*-*.tar.gz`
- SRC_TGZ=$(cabal info . | awk '{print $2;exit}').tar.gz &&
(cd dist && cabal install --force-reinstalls "$SRC_TGZ")