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Runtime environment for the process control domain aka ACPLT/OV
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This is the source code of a runtime environment for the process control domain. It is developed since around 1999 at the Chair of Process Control Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. It is well known in the German process control community under the name of the core technology ACPLT/OV.


To compile the ACPLT/RTE yourself you need to follow the steps presented here. Otherwise you can use the Releases.
On Linux you need tcl, bison and flex:

sudo apt-get install tcl bison flex

You also need a C/C++ compiler. For example:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++

Clone the acplt/rte project from github. You only need the "acplt" folder for building. So, navigate to build folder and start the build process:

git clone
cd rte/build && make

Your architecture is detected automatically via a tcl script. Otherwise you can specify it by calling the buildscript in the build directory yourself:

tclsh acplt_build.tcl 64 no_dbcommands

The runtime environment runs on Linux (x86, x64, ARM) and Windows (x86, x64). For cross compilation see



Here you'll find the latest 10 releases (of the 10 latest building commits) for linux (32 and 64 bit), windows 32 and Raspberry Pi: Releases

Using the environment

start the Runtime Environment:

build a new database file:

cd &&./build/acplt/servers/MANAGER/

start up:


further settings(e.g., which libs should be loaded at start up) of the RTE can be made within the configuration file that can be found here


The runtime environment is used at industry scale in the petro chemical plants at INEOS in Cologne.

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