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Change sample to use drush test-run.

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1 parent 52f43f6 commit 0c7029ac473671ca9e321d569d326c75e27fb67a @bjaspan bjaspan committed Jan 22, 2012
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@@ -2,21 +2,15 @@
# Cloud Hook: drupal-tests
-# Run Drupal simpletests in the target environment.
+# Run Drupal simpletests in the target environment using drush test-run.
-# Select the tests to run. See Drupal's scripts/ for options.
-TESTS="--class DatabaseConnectionTestCase"
-# Uncomment to run all tests.
-# TESTS=--all
-# Change this only if you need to use a settings.php other than sites/default.
-# Uncomment to show verbose test output.
+# Select the tests to run. Run "drush help test-run" for options.
+# To run all tests (very slow!), uncomment this line.
# Enable the simpletest module if it is not already enabled.
simpletest=`drush @$site.$target_env pm-info simpletest | perl -F'/[\s:]+/' -lane '/Status/ && print $F[2]'`
@@ -26,8 +20,7 @@ if [ "$simpletest" = "disabled" ]; then
# Run the tests.
-cd /var/www/html/$site.$target_env/docroot
-php ./scripts/ --url $URL $VERBOSE $TESTS
+drush @$site.$target_env test-run $TESTS
# If we enabled simpletest, disable it.
if [ "$simpletest" = "disabled" ]; then

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