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2.1.5 to 2.1.6 Manual Update Steps

This version of Lightning adds the ability to choose an image style, alt text,
and other settings each time you embed an image in a WYSIWYG editor, rather
that needing to rely on view modes. To enable this functionality:

  1. As always, visit update.php or run drush updatedb to perform database updates.
  2. Clear all caches.
  3. Under Configuration > Content Authoring > Text formats and editors, configure the Rich Text filter format. Under "Filter settings", open the tab labeled "Limit allowed HTML tags and correct faulty HTML".
  4. In the "Allowed HTML tags" text field, you should see a tag like <drupal-entity data-*>. Change it to <drupal-entity data-* alt title>.
  5. Save the filter format.
  6. Under Configuration > Content Authoring > Text editor embed buttons, edit the "Media browser" embed button.
  7. Under "Allowed Entity Embed Display plugins", ensure that the "Media Image" checkbox is checked.
  8. Save the embed button.
  9. If you would like to allow authors to choose how embedded media should be displayed, go to Configuration > System > Lightning > Media, ensure that the box labeled "Allow users to choose how to display embedded media" is checked, then submit the form. If the box is not checked, Lightning will automatically choose a preferred display method (the recommended, default behavior).


  • Lightning now provides a Display Plugin for images embedded via CKEditor that allows editors to select an image style, alt text, and other settings each time an image is embedded. (Issue #2784699)
  • You can now select and insert media items from a single-cardinality media browser with a double-click. (Issue #2888535)
  • Added documentation about the known incompatibility between Workbench Moderation and Content Moderation. (Issue #2869257)
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Core might try to alter the value of a non-existent array key for unit tests. (GitHub #394)