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@balsama balsama released this 06 Dec 16:10
· 28 commits to 8.x-2.x since this release


  • Lightning Workflow has been updated to use core Workflows and Content moderation modules and existing sites will be migrated. (Issue #2863059)
  • Added a new Scheduled Publications sub-component of Lightning Workflow which replaces Scheduled Updates (which is incompatible with Content Moderation).
  • Fixed a bug where media names appeared in view modes where they had previously been hidden after updating to core Media. (GitHub #521)
  • Crop API was updated to 2.x. (GitHub #519)
  • Media Entity was updated to 2.x. (Issue #2927823)
  • DropzoneJS was updated to 2.x (GitHub #528)
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible that old, irrelevant configuration updates could be run (GitHub #531)
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning's media browser enhancements could not be used on any other view, including clones of the media browser. (Issue #2905876)

Update Steps

Run drush updatedb && drush cache-rebuild, or visit update.php, to perform automatic database updates. You can also use Drupal Console's update:execute command.

You can then use Drupal Console to automatically run Lightning configuration updates:

$ drupal update:lightning --since=2.2.3

Or perform the following manual update steps:

  • Visit Structure > Media types. For each media type, click "Manage display" and select the "Embedded" display. Then drag the "Name" field into the "Disabled" section and press "Save".
  • To migrate to Content Moderation, install the wbm2cm module and Drush (8.x or 9.x). Back up your database, then run drush wbm2cm-migrate to run the migration.
  • If you previously used a sub-profile to exclude Lightning Workflow's "Schedule Publication" sub-component (its machine name is lightning_scheduled_updates), you will need to update your sub-profile's excluded dependencies to exclude lightning_scheduler instead, which replaces lightning_scheduled_updates in this release.

Known issues



  • If you upload an image into an image field using the new image browser, you can set the image's alt text at upload time, but that text will not be replicated to the image field. This is due to a limitation of Entity Browser's API.
  • Some of the Lightning contributed media module listed above might not yet be compatible with the Core Media entity.
  • Using the bulk upload feature in environments with a load balancer might result in some images not being saved.