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Changed Recommendation to 3.x and Updated README

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-[Drupal iOS SDK]( - Connect your iOS/OS X app to Drupal
+Drupal iOS SDK - Connect your iOS/OS X app to Drupal
+What you need to know
+The Drupal iOS SDK is a standard set of libraries for communicating to Drupal from any iOS device. Its extremely simple.
+This GETs you a Drupal node and stores it in an NSDictionary, myNode.
+ DIOSNode *node = [[DIOSNode alloc] initWithSession:session];
+ NSDictionary *myNode = [node nodeGet:1];
+ [node release];
What you need to get started
* This library
* the following frameworks
@@ -15,14 +24,16 @@ What you need to get started
* ASIHTTPRequest which can be found [here](
* Update DIOSConfig.h with the correct API_KEYS SERVICES_URL and DOMAIN (make sure you checkout the drupal-ios-sdk branch for your version of drupal eg. 6.x-2.x, 6.x-3.x or 7.x-3.x)
-####Drupal 6
+####Drupal 6.x-2.x (NOT RECOMMENDED, Services 2.x is running 5 year old code. I would suggest using 3.x now that it is in RC stage.
* [PLIST Server](
-* [services 2.2]( (3.x is becoming more stable every day, but still use at your own risk)
+* [services 2.4](
-####Drupal 7 (kind of stable, not yet in Code freeze)
+####Drupal 6.x-3.x and 7.x-3.x (RECOMMENDED)
* [Services](
+####Note, Services 3.x does not have an API key, it doesn't use them, IT HAS BEEN REMOVED. Use oAuth if you need extra Security.
Demo Code (Code is pulled from [](
Demo Setup (Services 3.x)

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