Example project for integrating the acquireIO iOS SDK in your app
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Using AcquireIO retain and support mobile users at scale

Connect with your visitors at every touchpoint, from first browse to onboarding. Acquire’s tools deliver a personalized customer experience at scale. support features included Co Browsing, Live Chat, Video And Voice Call, Chat Bot, Profile Management


Example project for acquireIO iOS SDK

How to start using CocoaPods

  1. Open Terminal and Go to /acquireio-ios-master
  2. Run pod install --repo-update and after installation finish open file AcquireSDK.xcworkspace
  3. Set your AcquireID Account ID in the method setupAcquireIO of AppDelegate.m or you can add after run app via input in home tab screen prompt or change anytime in setting tab.
  4. If you change account id then need to close app and restart again will work.
  5. Build and Run 🎉

Help and support documentation

AcquireIO for iOS has support for all these things. For full details please read our documentation.