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Live Stream Client Python (version 2.7.X)


ACRCloud provides cloud Automatic Content Recognition services for Audio Fingerprinting based applications such as Audio Recognition (supports music, video, ads for both online and offline), Broadcast Monitoring, Second Screen, Copyright Protection and etc.

Windows Runtime Library

If you run the SDK on Windows, you must install this library.
X86: download and install Library(windows/vcredist_x86.exe)
x64: download and install Library(windows/vcredist_x64.exe)


  1. Before using this tool, you must register on our platform and log into your dashboard.
  2. Sign up now for a free 14 day trial:
  3. Create a “Live Channel” bucket and add the url of your streams into it.
  4. Create a console access key pairs in the account settings and input this key piars to your client.conf file
  5. Input your Live Bucket Name to the client.conf file.
  6. Run the
  7. Create a “Live Channel Detection” project and attach the bucket which contains your chosen stream urls.
  8. Then you can use our SDK to detect the current stream.



   # You must replace "XXXXXX" with your access_key and access_secret.
   console_access_key = "XXXXXX"
   console_access_secret = "XXXXXX"
   bucket_name = "your_bucket_name"
   remote = 1 
   debug = 0 

   # If you do not set log_file, the log will be echo to console.
   log_file = "acrcloud_stream.log"

   # If you set restart_interval_minute, the tool will restart every (restart_interval_minute) minutes.
   restart_interval_minute = 0 

   # If you set is_run_with_watchdog, there will be a daemon which is used to watch over streams process.
   is_run_with_watchdog = 1 

   server = { 
       'host': '',
       'port': 0,

   source = [ 
   #       ['udp://', '(acrc id)', (program_id, default -1)],

Run The Tool

  1. start
   nohup python &
  1. stop
   ps -ef | grep | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'| xargs kill -9