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Release 2.18.2 (18.2.0 semver)

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@theonlypwner theonlypwner released this 07 Jan 23:46


  • Show damage indicator numbers (heal weapon now heals in larger chunks, 5/500ms instead of 1/100ms)
  • Show which flag was reset
  • Add STF flags to "Entities" edit menu
  • Add "direct capture-the-flag" to classic mode menu
  • Decrease weight of servers bypassing master-server policy
  • Log when master-server wants to disconnect a client


  • Fix "masterserver sent an unknown command" ("*a" after connection)
  • Pick up 2 grenades in LSS
  • Fix player count (disable bots when all humans are in SPECT)
  • Show bot names as "a zombie" in zombie mode
  • Use small HTF flag icon for bomber mode
  • Fix server quality stats (also calculate starting from 4 or 7 players)
  • Fix "Change weapon..." menu entry (to "Change weapon/class...")
  • Fix list of maps in maps_secure menu
  • Use flag map menu for classic flag modes
  • Fix uncleared kill confirm flags
  • Remove extra space in client lost/drop/return flag messages
  • Remove duplicate client number in /sendmap response message
  • Fix text glitch after /resetgl
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01b20ce4faaa1b2f076d848d4b8b112c25371a84efd28aaa1ab4e32beceb8f7e *
5a950dedccc14bb891bc4f3c77f2c42e929fd810605c09941829bc09da68fcb7 *
fb0402649fd1090a38bee9791bc907dc1d9a4f0c3e395254bcfc49e3dbbdad19 *
b028c41b021a6521927d2c2f073e1f0c00cf71854360ab566f536c875893eb6d *
c74eb27aca1e277d8ad46b535996e6db212bae39fefe1a533ca545495f32e2b4 *
c2eb0fad97b44f7a2ad7cb6ab5605efd3df19843a267ad27a571361d7963f277 *