Lint tool for Chef cookbooks.
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Foodcritic is a code linting tool for writing better and safer Chef cookbooks that runs both as a command line tool and as a Rake task. Out of the box Foodcritic contains over 50 cookbook rules, and plugin system for writing your own rules.

Basic Usage

$ gem install foodcritic
$ foodcritic my_cookbook_dir


The Foodcritic site at contains documentation for each of the rules as well as documentation on the API for writing your own rules.


  • Ruby 2.2.2+

Building Foodcritic

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake


MIT - see the accompanying LICENSE file for details.


To see what has changed in recent versions see the CHANGELOG. Foodcritic follows the Rubygems Semantic Versioning Policy.


Additional rules and bug fixes are welcome! Please fork and submit a pull request on an individual branch per change.