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Hadoop tool to import data from the GitHub public timeline XML format.

Run with:

$ hadoop jar hubstats.jar hubstats.HubStats input output

Output format

The following fields are output:

  • event_id - The unique numeric event id
  • event_type - The type of event
  • at - The date and time of the event
  • actor - The GitHub account that created the event
  • repo_account - The GitHub account associated with the related repository
  • repo_name - The name of the repository
  • branch - The Git branch name
  • tag - The Git tag name
  • alternate_id - An alternative numeric id if the event relates to an Issue, PullRequest or Gist
  • subtype - Further subtype of the event, for example an Issues event can be 'Opened' or 'Closed'

Sample Output

Sample output from a run over 30 gigs of the timeline requests (about 300,000 GitHub events in a bit over 11 days) is available in sample-output.gz.

$ gzcat sample-output.gz | awk '{print $3}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
173260 Push
48186 Create
34782 Watch
12256 Gist
11756 Issues
9453 Follow
8731 Fork
8202 Gollum
6672 PullRequest
5132 Delete
4027 CommitComment
2527 Member
1666 Download
1053 ForkApply
 288 Public