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Creating tasks -- missing required field: workspace #2

JTown- opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hey thanks for this -- I'm trying to implement it inside Unity, which required a couple edits to get it working with their version of .net (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace and enum.HasFlag weren't available) but I seem to have it working for the most part. One thing I can't yet do is create a task.

What I'm attempting:

AsanaTask newTask1 = new AsanaTask(workspace);
newTask1.Name = "TASK_NAME_FROM_UNITY";
newTask1.Notes = "TASK_NOTES_FROM_UNITY";
newTask1.Assignee = me;
newTask1.DueOn = System.DateTime.Now.AddHours(2);

The error callback gives me missing required field: workspace even though I'm creating the AsanaTask with a valid workspace reference. Also, the first thing the error callback spits out (the request?) only has the name and notes

But I can't seem to find why it only includes those properties


Also, when getting a project by id, the id of the project I get is 0. Name and some other things arrive correctly, and if I print the rawData in PackAndSendResponse() I see the correct id.

Seems like some numbers aren't being serialized/deserialized in json correctly


I can't seem to repro this. Can you paste your code please?


@JTown-, not sure if you are still needing help, but as for the "id always equals 0", I fixed that a few weeks ago. You can pull the latest code to grab the fix.

@acron0 acron0 closed this
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