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A Ruby client for the Voldemort distributed key value store
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Installing the Gem from rubygems

sudo gem install voldemort-rb


Since the communication between the client and the server is done using protocol buffers you'll need the ruby_protobuf gem found at

sudo gem install ruby_protobuf

XML Parsing is done using Nokogiri

sudo gem install nokogiri

Building and Installing the Gem from source

gem build voldemort-rb.gemspec

sudo gem install voldemort-rb-0.1.X.gem (replace 'X' with the correct version)


Basic Usage

Connecting and bootstrapping

client ="test", "localhost:6666")

Storing a value

client.put("some key", "some value")

Reading a value

client.get("some key")

you'll get

=> some value

deleting a value from a key

client.delete("some key")

Conflict resolution


Voldemort replies with versions of a value, it's up to the client to resolve the conflicts. By default the library will return the version that's most recent.


You can override the default behavior and perform a custom resolution of the conflict, here's how to do so:

client ="test", "localhost:6666") do |versions|

versions.first # just return the first version for example


Copyright (c) 2010 Alejandro Crosa, released under the MIT license

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