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A Python library for automating TOUGH2 simulations of subsurface fluid and heat flow

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What is PyTOUGH?

PyTOUGH (Python TOUGH) is a Python library for simplifying, extending and automating the use of the TOUGH2 geothermal reservoir simulator. Using PyTOUGH, it is possible to automate the creation and editing of TOUGH2 model grids and data files, and the analysis and display of model simulation results, using Python scripts.

Installing PyTOUGH:

First, make sure you have Python and the Numerical Python library installed on your machine. (For some features you will need other libraries such as Scientific Python or Matplotlib- consult the user guide for details.)

Copy the PyTOUGH directory onto your machine, by clicking the Downloads link on the PyTOUGH web page, downloading it as a .zip or .tar.gz file and unzipping it (or by cloning your own local PyTOUGH Git repository).

Finally, add your PyTOUGH directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable on your machine.

More information:

For more detailed information on PyTOUGH, consult the user guide (available in the Downloads section) and the PyTOUGH wiki, which has links to published articles on PyTOUGH.

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