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A Zenphoto plugin for OpenStreetMap based maps using LeafletJS
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NOTE: This plugin is now included in Zenphoto 1.5 and will be developed there from now on. This repository will be abandoned


A Zenphoto plugin for displaying an OpenStreetMap with the embeded geo coordinates of an image or the images of an album as markers.

Alternatively you can also create custom maps.

Scripts used

License: GPL v3 or later


Put the file zp_openstreetmap.php and the folder of the same name into your /plugins folder and enable it.

Standard theme usage

Place the function printOpenStreetMap() on your theme's album.php and/or image.php where you wish the map to appear. If there is no metadata available the map will not be printed.

Custom maps beyond current image/album

Individual images or albums

You can also create maps from any image or album using the zpOpenStreetMap class (see the file itself for more detailed documentation on which properties you can set):

$albumobj = newAlbum('<albumname>');
$object = newImage($albumobj,'<imagefilename>'); 
$map = new zpOpenStreetMap(NULL,$object);

You can do the same with an album object to get the geodata from all of its images so they are placed as markers on the map.

Or you can use the template function:

printOpenStreetMap(NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, '', NULL, $object);`

Custom maps based on custom geodata

Custom maps without any image or album involved work the same way. Just passing an array to the custructor. This array must be structured like this:

$geodata = array(
	    'lat' => <latitude>,
	    'long' => <longitude>,
	    'title' => 'some title for the marker popup',
	    'desc' => 'some description for the marker popup',
	    'thumb' => 'some html for the marker popup' // e.g. <img>  
	    'current' => 0 // 1 to hightight this marker with another color. Intended for the current image on album marker view but can be used otherwise, too
$map = new zpOpenStreetMap($geodata);

//You can do the same with the template function although the class way is more flexible.

This would create one marker. If you need more add more arrays to the array above.